A Certified Martian Marketing Agency

An agency that identifies the Martian in the crowd.

Know Your Clients

Martian: Top clients that want things done right. Interested in more Martians?

Our local focus and digital marketing efforts through social media and consulting, help brands connect with customers and learn more about what their local community has to offer. 



Get More Deals

We help local businesses get the right information to show a return on each lead.

Transform Your Sales Process

Create a persona

Identify the perfect Martian before you market to them.

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Classifying your Aliens with identification of their conversion habits and traits.

Convert & Win Leads

Optimize Sales funnel and continually test

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Recording, tracking and reviewing is the basic process for using your ROI report to convert and win leads

Increase Traffic

Get NEW Martians at the flip of a switch with Pay Per Click, local marketing and SEO.

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Any marketing company can increase traffic, but using the proper tools to track and increase your conversion is more important.

Connect With Leads

Optimizing conversion is the most important part of the sales funnel. Track every lead!

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The longer the conversion process the better the results of remarketing at the proper time.

Manage Your Pipeline

Easily keep track of your leads with the right tools for efficient follow up.

Log Sales Activity Easily


What our customers are saying about us.

“Martian Marketing has helped me grow my business and log my sales accurately…”

Jon Smith

“Thank you for making managing my leads easy! They took the time to call me and walk me through everything.”

Hailey Williams

“I enjoy working with Martian Marketing and I would recommend them to anyone looking to track your leads and increase traffic.”

Brian Lee